Professional Development

Applied Kinesiology Certification

Restricted to licensed healthcare practitioners in a provincially regulated field, such as chiropractors and medical doctors.

Advanced Certification: DIBAK

Applied Kinesiology Diplomates (DIBAK), are the only healthcare professionals certified to teach applied kinesiology.

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International meeting

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Knowledge Library

ICAK-Canada Digital Research Journal

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Research papers on AK

An international selection of the leading published research papers on applied kinesiology, including educational texts, studies and case reports.

International Journal of Functional Manual Muscle Testing

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ICAK-Canada Newsletter

ICAK Newsletter

September 2018

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DIBAK Information

For accredited applied kinesiology practitioners interested in diplomate accreditation or publishing a paper

Join Canada’s AK Community

Members of ICAK-Canada have exclusive access to valuable knowledge and learning from the Canadian and international community of certified applied kinesiology practitioners. If you are studying or have passed the Basic 100-Hour Applied Kinesiology course, becoming a member will keep you up to date with the latest in AK learning.

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