Learning Applied Kinesiology

Qualifications to Practice

Studying or practicing applied kinesiology is restricted to healthcare professionals and students who are licensed to diagnose (MD, DC, DO, ND, DMD – depending on provincial regulatory bodies). Only qualified healthcare professionals who have taken and passed the exam for Basic Applied Kinesiology Certification are allowed to incorporate applied kinesiology into their patient practices.


Applied Kinesiology For Patient Care

Applied kinesiology is a safe and non-invasive diagnostic system using muscle testing as a tool for evaluating neurological function. The methodology focuses primarily on neuromuscular function as it relates to the structural, chemical and neurological regulatory mechanisms. Muscle testing assesses the impact of the nervous system on patient health, helping AK practitioners look for the source of disease in the balance of the sensory system with the motor system.
Licensed healthcare professionals use applied kinesiology to identify the source for muscle and joint pain as well as structural and gastrointestinal issues for which they can often be treated affordably. Many patients with complex conditions have turned to applied kinesiology when nothing else has worked for them. Worldwide, experienced AK professionals are safely relieving the suffering related to the debilitating effects of injury, pain, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue and even PTSD, bringing unexpected hope and relief.

100-Hour Basic Applied Kinesiology Certification

The courses offered are for health professionals who are licensed for patient diagnosis, most commonly chiropractors and naturopathic doctors, as well as students in these disciplines – depending on healthcare regulations, which vary from one province to another.

Applied kinesiology courses are taught by ICAK members who have attained the highest level of certification, DIBAK diplomate. Some of the seminars offered here are for complementary techniques which fall outside the scope of ICAK but complement applied kinesiology methods.

Join Canada’s AK Community

Members of ICAK-Canada have exclusive access to valuable knowledge and learning from the Canadian and international community of certified applied kinesiology practitioners. If you are studying or have passed the Basic 100-Hour Applied Kinesiology course, becoming a member will keep you up to date with the latest in AK learning.

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